Samsung’s potential augmented reality glasses may have leaked online.

Leaker WalkingCat on Twitter has published two concept videos that show the “Samsung Glasses Lite”.

This device apparently lets the wearer play video games in on a display that is beamed directly into their eyes, and can integrate with Samsung’s other products such as their smartwatches in order to quickly play videos.

In the leaked video, the wearer taps the YouTube app on their Samsung smartwatch, watches some video, and then taps an email icon on the watch that brings up “Dex Display”.

Samsung Dex is how the company’s phones can pair with a screen to become a makeshift computer, something the company originally developed in 2017. It appears that the smart glasses will pair with the smartphone to fulfill this function.

Samsung did not reply to a request for comment from The Independent before time of publication.

It also appears that the glasses will be able to control other devices – the video shows the wearer piloting a drone – but as yet details remain unclear.

In another leaked video, entitled “Wearable Computing”, the smart-glasses display screens and models that can be moved in the digital space using hand motions in the real world.

This is a concept that we have seen before from Facebook: floating displays that can be moved and re-sized via gesture control, as well as the user typing on a keyboard with a virtual taskbar over it for shortcuts.

The leaked video also reveals “Holo Call”, whereby holograms of colleagues appear to also view the same digital models as the wearer of the glasses, with feats very similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens.

It is currently unclear how much of this is an accurate represenation of the product and how much might be marketing spin, but could explain the mysterious Samsung Neon avatars the company demonstrated at CES 2020.

Google also recently purchased North, which also develops smart-glasses, and it is possible they could be the foundation for a new iteration of Google Glass.