This evening (Sunday, May 9) we will have debate on two topics.  Two topics are 1. Four work day week and 2. Second/double job in addition to your regular work.  Both of these topics are now debated by the government and for the first topic, I believe the initial report has been prepared by the government.  The second topic is the one of interest among the people who may be thinking about their career in the face of Covid-19.

We announced the topics and asked for the topic choice as well as preference for the sides (Affirmative or Negative).  I send the note with team assignment and the process of debate to those who registered for the session yesterday. (We closed the ticket yesterday before we sent a note.)

Initial remarks from both sides (5 min. each)

Discussion within the team ( 5 min.)

Discussion/rebuttal (15 min.)

Discussion within the team ( 5 min.)

Summary from both sides (3 min. each)

The topic of second/double job was much more popular and for this topic, the affirmative had more people.  We we had about twice as many people for the Affirmative, I decided to have two round for this topic.  After receiving the question, we will follow the process as follows. After the first round on this topic, second Affirmative will make initial remarks, followed by discussion with NO Negative side initial remarks.

So we will have 2.5 round of debate process and will finish the whole session around 10:30 pm.     In case I do not have time to write Quick Report after the session, here is the blog entry for today. If I have energy after that, I will add more!