Sunday, January 17, marked the first SINCA online session for 2021.  We tried role play to develop “interview” skills i.e. how to ask questions to the point, and yet not embarrassing the person.  I made 6 breakout rooms with 4 people each so that a pair could do 2 rounds of interview each and the other two could watch.  Though that was the original plan, I joined the group with 3 members only (I noticed it after we started breakout session).  It was not done exactly as I explained (I was the one that ignored the rules and procedures & ended up asking questions!)  I got to know there people in the group well and it was fun.

For recent SINCA sessions, we have many who join almost every time, and though I have NOT met them in person, I feel I know them quite well.  I hope the time will come soon that we can get together in “real” space.

My finding from this session was that it is much more fun to do it yourself rather than just watch!  I think it is true with many things-sports, art, music etc.  It confirmed my belief that it takes practice and actual experience not only to learn some skills, but also you enjoy it more if you do it yourself. (You need to overcome initial feeling of being scared etc.) Just do it! is the spirit we all need.

We will plan other sessions soon and make an announcement.  So stay tuned.