Apple plans something old and something new in the refreshed MacBook Pro it’s expected to introduce in the latter half of 2021. What’s new includes M-series processors, while old returnees allegedly include MagSafe and an SD card reader.

Interest is already high

We know there’s a lot of interest in Apple’s new processor, which means as the company ramps up new models of its pro machines we will see plenty of interest from enterprise pros.

That’s precisely what happened when Apple introduced the iPhone and the again with the iPad. We saw deep interest from executives in both products, and the iPad arguably accelerated Apple’s access to enterprise IT.

Given the trends we’ve been seeing in enterprise computer purchasing, now 23% Mac, I think we’ll see this kind of interest extend to the larger M-powered MacBook Pro when it arrives.

So, what should we expect?

The last few weeks have seen claims from different locations, including well-cited analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The claims appear to coalesce around the following:

  • MagSafe and an SD card reader (as noted above).
  • A fresh design that reflects the flattened iPhone 12 aesthetic.
  • An HDMI slot.
  • High-speed USB 4.0.
  • The potential loss of the Touch Bar.
  • Available in 14.1-in. and 16-in. versions.
  • No Intel equivalent, suggesting some Intel Macs will remain available in existing configurations.
  • A 12-core pro version of Apple’s current M chip, currently dubbed the M1X. This has been predicted to deliver 3.2GHz and to hold 16GB max memory.
  • Exemplary power management on M-series chips, which means you can expect plenty of battery life. (You get up to 20 hours on the M1 MacBook Pro 13-in. model.)
  • Possible introduction of Mini LED displays in 2021.

In other words, look for a new design and more connectivity options than before.

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