As I gave preview of the next SINCA session on May 30,  we are now ready to go ahead with the plan!  We will have Professor Joshua Chou of University of Technology Sydney with us and his students (hopefully) join our SINCA online discussion.

This is the first time we try online discussion connecting with some specific area, other than Japan and I am very excited.  In addition the topic is Space! my favorite, which makes me even more excited.  Many activities related to Space have been underway and it is clear that we are entering the new space economy.  Many countries are jockeying for position for space and exciting competition (and probably collaboration) will take place.

Dr. Chou has been doing research on Space and Cancer (see here).

For the session on Sunday, May 30, we will discuss potential that is being opened by the space exploration AND the impact on our daily life.  Our facebook event page is set for details and the registration is open through peatix.  Join us for this exciting and inspiring session.  We will be looking forward to having many of you with us.