Published on February 4th, 2021 |
by Guest Contributor

February 4th, 2021 by Guest Contributor 

By Jerricka Lee Peters

We all have different views about what we expect to see in the future. Thankfully, people like Elon Musk didn’t just sit back and ponder but went out and decided to help create the future that he wanted to exist. Not only did he set out to make his future a reality, but he also taught the rest of us to reach for our dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem. SpaceX has inspired people like me, new jobs, and grand advances in technology. SpaceX continues to create hope in a world that, in all honesty, needs it now more than ever.

What’s a thought that helps you get out of bed? I believe that whatever it is helping us rise from our rest is the same force driving us to achieve our everyday goals. Personally, it’s knowing that companies like Tesla and SpaceX are helping to engineer an exciting and fun future. Witnessing one man change the entire course of humanity, because he felt like he needed to, seriously makes me wonder what I am doing with my life. How can I sit around and be upset about anything when there is someone nearly working themself to death, almost every day, for my grandchildren’s future? Elon’s dedication to my future has helped me to finally care about it too. Since 2018, I quit smoking cigarettes, quit drinking alcohol, left a toxic relationship, began exercising/eating healthy, started my own art business, and enrolled in school to obtain my BSIT. I hope to help the SpaceX mission in any way possible, one day. We must occupy Mars.

How did you hear first hear about SpaceX? I was sitting around super depressed one day and wondered why a wealthy billionaire hasn’t ever tried leaving this miserable planet yet. I Googled something along the lines of “rich builds spaceship” and found Elon Musk and SpaceX. I was already a fan of HG2G and David Bowie way before I knew anything about Elon or SpaceX, so when I watched Elon Musk send Starman off into the cosmos, transported by a Tesla Roadster, my heart skipped. Then after doing some research into the company, I learned that SpaceX’s first priority was to reengineer rocket technology and help preserve the light of consciousness by becoming a multiplanetary species. The new SpaceX reusable rocket technology insures a future where spaceflight will be regular and affordable for anyone wanting to leave Earth.

I’m definitely no rocket scientist and I don’t feel like pretending to be since I left my cosplay at home, but I do understand what the words “reusable rockets” mean. Before SpaceX showed up, we were still spending way too much money on a rocket that then would just be tossed away after. This is why we have been stuck here on Earth and haven’t toured our own solar system. No one looked into updating the rockets to make them more cost efficient, until Elon Musk brought it up. Now, we can reuse the same rocket over and over. SpaceX has had over 100 successful launches to date. Crew Dragon was successfully reused last year and on February 2, 2021, we just witnessed SN9 explode beautifully during its test hop. Imagine waking up to go blow up a Starship at work today. Sounds like a dream to me.

It takes an entire team to build a reusable rocket and send people into space. Reusable rockets didn’t exist before SpaceX, so every single job has been designed to help create these SpaceX rockets is completely brand new. The SpaceX rockets also needed machines that didn’t exist before. This created more jobs to design, manufacture, operate, and perform maintenance for those machines.

SpaceX successfully launched astronauts from the United States of America for the first time since 2011, which brought jobs to help that mission happen. These new jobs are really just the first falling dominos too. More jobs that we can’t even begin to imagine will continue to pop up with each successful mission. It truly is an amazing time to be alive to witness the birth and growth of SpaceX.

Three years ago, I signed myself into a hospital because I was afraid of my thoughts. The world seemed scary and too miserable to be stuck here. Then not too shortly after, I found Elon Musk and SpaceX. I listened to the story of how far Elon has had to come in order for SpaceX to even exist and I felt something that I had never felt before; Hope for the future and love for myself. If he can love us all so much that he sacrifices almost every waking moment of his day for our future, I can at least try to get my bachelor’s degree and live healthy. Especially, if I want to help with the mission. Everything that SpaceX has already accomplished shows that it’s only going up from here and it’s up to us whether we want to watch it happen or get up and help.

I’m at least going to try, and I hope if you feel inspired that you’ll try too!

Thank you, Elon and SpaceX for continuing to inspire a hopeful future. 


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