SpaceX’s Starship SN10 rocket prototype explodes after a successful liftoff and soft landing at the company’s Boca Chica, Texas launch site on March 3. This view was provided by (Image credit: via YouTube)

Here’s the good news: SpaceX landed a giant Starship for the first time Wednesday (March 3), after reaching an altitude of 6.2 miles (10 kilometers). The bad news: It exploded 8 minutes later.

After two similar tests ended with Starships SN8 and SN9 failing to slow down enough before landing and exploding on impact, SpaceX tried a new technique for the landing of SN10. All three rocket engines at the bottom of the 160-foot-tall (49 meters), 30-foot-wide (9 m) machine ignited as the rocket righted itself before landing; the rocket also was able to slow down enough to make a soft landing. On SpaceX’s YouTube feed, John Insprucker, the company’s principal integration engineer, declared the landing a success and closed the stream.