In December 2020, a survey of habits and experience of the Internet use in the Republic of Croatia was carried out on a representative sample of 1003 examinees aged 18 to 65. Public examination for HAKOM was conducted by the Ipsos agency.  internet access in croatia

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The study showed that the most frequently used communication services are voice service on the mobile network (98 percent), as well as the Internet access service (81 percent) and voice service on the fixed network (69 percent). The majority of users (86 percent) use the Internet access service as part of the service package. The dominant devices that connect users to the internet are smart telephone (95%) and laptops (86%), while the desktop computer uses only 50% of the respondents to connect. It is interesting that only a small percentage of users (16 percent) regularly check their Internet speed; most of them only do so when they notice a speed change (39 percent). The most common difficulties are interruptions in Internet access, a slow Internet access and problems with the wireless home network.

When choosing an operator, the most important thing for users is the speed of the Internet access, the price of the package and high-quality customer service. A total of 35 percent of users have never changed an operator so far, while 30 percent of users have changed an operator once, and 35 percent of users have done so multiple times. The users who changed their operators most often did so in order to reduce prices and / or slow the Internet access speeds.

The most common reasons why examinees use the Internet are social media, portals to reading chat, navigation, and public services.

In the future, the Internet users would like to use the Internet to a greater extent for distance work (53%) and education (47%), while those older than 55 and those with lower income are less interested in these services. In particular, only 53 percent of examinees said that they do this regularly. internet access in croatia

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