VimpelCom (Beeline brand) has launched a cellular network in the tunnels of the Kirov-Vyborg (“red”) line of the St. Petersburg metro. MTS has included communication in the races of the “orange” branch of the St. Petersburg metro. St Petersburg 5g

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Voice services and high-speed mobile internet are available for Beeline customers within 59 km. Huawei acted as a supplier of equipment for construction in tunnels. During the trip, all services will be available, for example, mobile Internet access at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s, as well as VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology, which allows you to talk to the interlocutor and use mobile 4G Internet at the same time. The network in the races is built taking into account the subsequent expansion to the 5G standard.

The operator began work in the tunnels of the St. Petersburg metro in November 2020. At the moment, in addition to the network in the red line, 4 technological platforms have been built for the basic equipment of the active distributed antenna system (ADAS). The next stage in the development of the Beeline network in the St. Petersburg metro will be the launch of the network in the tunnels of the Nevsky-Vasileostrovskaya (“green”) line, the company says.

“The construction project in the subway tunnels is an example of cooperation between telecom operators, which allows not to spend many resources on duplicate systems,” said St. Petersburg Vice-Governor Stanislav Kazarin. “We are waiting for high-speed Internet and voice communications to appear in all city subway tunnels as a result of the exchange of access between telecom operators.”
“By the end of June, we plan to complete the work in the” green “line.” In total, we are investing more than 1 billion rubles in the development of the mobile network in the St. Petersburg metro, ”said Dmitry Glotov, VimpelCom’s director of the West region.

MTS announced the appearance of mobile communication and 5G-ready network in the races of Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya (“orange”) line from Dybenko Street station to Spasskaya station. The system under construction will be able to operate in all frequency bands available today and provide services in 2/3 / 4G standards. And with the mass introduction of fifth-generation networks, MTS will be able to deploy 5G in the subway.

“Before the start of the project, we studied the experience of our international colleagues, tested similar systems in the subways of major cities – Moscow, Hong Kong, Dubai, Rome, railway tunnels in the Alps. So we were able to share the advantages and disadvantages of the existing systems. For example, when designing the system, our engineers have developed completely new cable fastenings and supports for the installation of equipment, taking into account all the requirements of the subway. In December last year, the 5G-ready MTS network appeared in the races of the “blue” line of the subway, and we already see a steady increase in traffic throughout the branch. The newest system under construction allows us to respond quickly to the growing needs of subscribers and, if necessary, expand the network locally, ”said Pavel Korotin, Director of MTS in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. St Petersburg 5g

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