According to Starfleet medical research, spoilers can cause severe skin irritations.

We’ve said in the past that the most consistent thing with the third season of “Star Trek: Discovery” on CBS All Access is how inconsistent it is and its season finale doesn’t do anything to alter our opinion. Looking back at all 13 episodes, we’ve seen some glimpses of absolute genius, we’ve seen some abhorrently lazy writing and we’ve seen just about everything in between. With the last two live-action “Star Trek” shows giving us lame season finales, there was quite a lot riding on this one, and while it’s better than its predecessors, Discover’s season three ender is not without its faults … and sadly, there are quite a lot of those.

When you do look back at the past 13 episodes, it’s very hard to detect much sense of underlying continuity; characters radically change from one installment to the next, the style of production changes and the pace is uneven. Of course, it’s good that different writers and directors participate and that should be encouraged, but perhaps a Style Guide is in order. After all, different writers contribute to the same publications and the aim is to ensure they retain a similar tone and remain within the established structure of the newspaper or magazine, thus most have a style guide of one sort or another.