Today Jan. 7 marked two major events in two parts of the world I am rather familiar with.  In Washington DC, as somewhat predicted (but not at this level), Pro-Trump crowd stormed into the Capitol Hill and destroyed some sections, while taking selfie photos!

In Japan, PM Suga declared status of emergency in Tokyo and surrounding areas, while the number of infected jumped over 2000 in Tokyo.  How do we perceive these two events?  Feeling I had immediately watching the scene at Capitol Hill was one of sadness.  I felt sad as the US as I know is gone probably forever.  (I realize I am nostalgic and probably not facing the reality.)

For Japan, I am also sad in a way as it appears that the actions we have taken are so behind and not effective to contain Covid-19.  The details of restrictions under emergency declaration remains rather vague, to me,(at least) and if many people share my impression, the spread is not likely to be contained.  With businesses not surviving and people losing jobs, with extreme weather raging and ageing proceeds, what would be the future of Japan?

I am usually quite optimistic and almost always try to find some hope in otherwise horrible situations, but the scene of mob at Capitol Hill with the support of the President has almost wiped out my optimism. For Japan, transparency and speed of action   still has a long way to go. Jan. 7 is supposed to mark the end? of New Year holidays and start the new year at full swing.  What a day Jan. 7 turned to be!