This coming Sunday (Monday morning JST), the Super Bowl 21 will be played in Florida between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs.  What is different this year from other years is that familiar faces at Super Bowl play with the different team.  They are Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, former Non ew England Patriots.

I knew that Super Bowl is this coming Sunday, but have not paid as much attention at it as in the past, probably due to Covid-19.  I found, however, the article in Harvard Gazette about Cameron Brate., Harvard Alumnus playing for the team as  tight end and Two former New England Patriots stars have been his hero.  I was a bit surprised that Super Bowl teams have Harvard Alumnus, and further, he is excited to play with his heroes in the same team.  Here is the article.

Usually, Super Bowl is known for amazing ads, and there will be some, but  some sponsors decide not to do fancy ads but spend money elsewhere. List of prohibited items to bring is LONG!

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced on Jan. 22 that the NFL will invite around 7,500 vaccinated health care workers to the Super Bowl this year as guests of the NFL.