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Simply put, a patio umbrella is a must if you have outdoor furniture. On a practical level, they offer protection from the elements, so you can eat and lounge to your hearts content on 90-degrees days and during summer rainstorms. Since they’re more of a need than a want if your goal is to spend the most time outdoors while the warm weather lasts, buying one is an opportunity to upgrade your space with a splash of color or eye-catching design. From retro striped umbrellas that’ll transport you to the Riviera, to wide options perfect for a narrow deck, here are our recommendations to suit a range of setups and styles.

What to Consider

Patio umbrellas, sometimes also called market umbrellas, can be freestanding or set inside tables with center holes. Typically, they’re surrounded by—or set next to—seating areas, whereas cantilever umbrellas are offset, with the base on the perimeter or outside the seating area.

The first detail to nail down is the umbrella’s size. As a rule, it should be at least 2 feet wider than the edge of your dining table or the area you want to cover. They generally start at roughly 5 feet wide and go all the way up to 13 feet wide or more. The canopy’s shape is another top consideration, along with the canopy’s fabric. Most are made from polyester, olefin, or acrylic, or high-performance fabric, like Sunbrella, which is more durable, won’t fade as easily, and does a better job of blocking the sun’s rays. All offer varying degrees of water resistance. Umbrella frames are typically either powder-coated aluminum or wood.

Other features to consider include canopy tilt and rotation, plus the umbrella’s opening and closing mechanism. Keep in mind that you’ll likely have to pay extra for a stand, as the majority of patio umbrellas don’t come with them.

How We Chose

All of the patio umbrellas we cover have average user ratings of four stars or more, and the vast majority have 4.5-ratings or higher. Quality of materials drove our research—such as the canopy material and frame strength—plus we considered key features and weighed them against price, and pointed out picks that are an especially good value. You’ll find a range of shapes and sizes below, ranging from budget to high-end.

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Our Value Pick

Sunnyglade 9-Foot Patio Umbrella



This patio umbrella has a solid lineup of features for the price, which is under $50 at the time of this writing. The 9-foot polyester canopy comes in six other colors, shades, and patterns—including appealing stripes—in addition to the red that’s shown. It’s supported by eight ribs and a powder-coated aluminum pole with a crank handle. 

There’s also a push-button tilt for angling the canopy to block the late-afternoon sun, plus a vent at the top for stability and air flow. The umbrella gets an average 4.5 stars from more than 21,000 customers. The only drawback is that the base is sold separately. 


A Step Up

Abba Patio 9-Foot Umbrella

Abba Patio


With a little more to spend, this patio umbrella’s 9-foot canopy has screws attaching it to the eight-ribbed frame for extra strength, and the polyester fabric is 100 percent post-consumer recycled. It also has a 1.5-inch-thick heavy gauge pole powder-coated in antique bronze. Like the model above, the umbrella opens with a crank and there’s a push-button tilt feature, plus a canopy vent to keep the umbrella stable if it’s windy. 

It’s available in a handful of other colors and canopy sizes, along with a slightly pricier model with an auto tilt, though all require a separate purchase for the base. 


The Round Umbrella

Arlmont & Co. 9-Foot Patio Umbrella

Arlmont & Co.


This smart-looking, classic round patio umbrella features a durable water-resistant olefin canopy that offers UV protection and resists mildew, plus a crank mechanism to pop it open and auto tilt. 

It’s available in seven other colors and shades in addition to the eye-catching hunter green shown, featuring an aluminum pole with a bronze finish that will prevent rust and wind vent at the top of the canopy. Overall, it’s an attractive, high-quality umbrella with plenty of features, but the base isn’t included. 


The Square Umbrella

Destination Gear 6.5-Foot Patio Umbrella

Heininger Holdings LLC


If you want a modern patio umbrella, buying one with a square canopy is your best bet. This option has clean lines all around—plus it’s an excellent value, as it features a hardwood frame and is priced at roughly $100 at the time of this writing. There’s a pulley lift system for opening the 6.5-foot-wide canopy, which is made from polyester and has a small wind vent at the apex. 

The umbrella is available in lime, natural white, and red in addition to sleek black. A UV-treated polyester cover is included, though you’ll have to shell out extra dough for the base.


Great for Small Spaces

Parasol Italian 6-Foot Patio Umbrella



This appealing black-and-white striped umbrella has Italian Riviera vibes and is a great choice for small decks or city backyards, with a petite canopy that’s just 6 feet wide. The canopy is made from mildew-resistant acrylic and offers UV 50 protection, accented with a chic scalloped awning. 

The umbrella features a manual lift and tilt with 100-degree rotation and an aluminum pole with a silver anodized finish. It comes in a bevy of other striped color options, including a soothing jade green and summery blue. 


Sunbrella Canopy

Sol 72 11-Foot Patio Umbrella

Sol 72


For a patio umbrella with an ultra-durable Sunbrella canopy, look no further than this generously sized option. It gets rave reviews, with an average 4.7 stars from more than 400 customers, several of whom comment on the quality of the fabric and overall sturdiness. The 11-foot-wide canopy rotates 360 degrees, with a push-button tilt, delivering exceptional coverage, plus it has a UV 50 rating and is water- and mildew-resistant. The aluminum pole stands 11 feet high and the umbrella opens easily with a crank lift. Like other umbrellas in this roundup, it doesn’t come with a stand.


Double-Wide Canopy

Latitude Run 15-Foot Patio Umbrella

Latitude Run


If you have even more space to cover—a long, narrow deck or a sectional outdoor sofa, for example—a double-wide canopy will do the trick. And, bonus: This is one patio umbrella that does come with a stand, and you can pour sand inside for added stability—the base weighs roughly 220 pounds when filled to capacity. 

The 15-foot-wide polyester water-resistant canopy has multiple vents on top to maximize airflow underneath and is supported by a web of steel ribs and an aluminum pole, powder-coated to prevent rust. In addition to the on-trend bright orange shown, the umbrella is also available in sophisticated burgundy, beige, and tan. 


Best With Wood Frame

Beachcrest Home 9-Foot Patio Umbrella

Beachcrest Home


This simple, elegant patio umbrella is a standout. It features a mildew- and water-resistant olefin canopy with UV 40 protection and a handsome meranti hardwood frame with eye-catching silver details. The wood ribs slide into pockets beneath the 9-foot canopy for extra wind protection, plus there’s a vent on top. There’s a manual lift, though no tilt, and it doesn’t come with a base. 

In addition to the quality of materials and attention to detail, the umbrella comes in a slew of color options and patterns, plus several fabrics.


With a Stylish Awning

Three Posts 9-Foot Patio Umbrella

Three Posts


We love the crisp look of this patio umbrella’s awning, with a Greek key edge trimmed in white. The 9-foot-wide octagonal polyester canopy is water-resistant and provides UV protection, supported by an aluminum pole with a crank lift and rust-resistant brown finish. The canopy tilts manually and is topped with a wind vent, and is available in nine other colors, including equally chic navy, gray, and dark green. The umbrella gets an average 4.6 stars from nearly 600 customers.


For Lighting Up the Night

Charlton Home 9-Foot Patio Umbrella

This patio umbrella—another customer favorite—features solar-powered lights attached to the ribs of the canopy, with a hidden panel hidden on top, said to provide eight to 12 hours of light when fully charged. There are three LED lights on each rib, with an easy-to-reach on/off switch, plus a crank lift and push-button tilt. 

The 9-foot polyester canopy is water- and mildew-resistant, with a wind vent on top, and comes in choice of red and two shades of blue. It’s a good value, too, priced at under $100 at the time of this writing, and more than 875 reviewers give the umbrella an average 4.6 stars.

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