I found that my friend Satoshi Sugita retired?  from the show NHK Business English after 30+ years -this is the longest record that one person served as presenter, I hear-.  We worked together several decades ago to do live Talk show in English at Japan Cable Television which offered cable TV service in English to hotels in Tokyo.  I did not have much experience of doing something like this (in fact, few at the network had any experience! to speak of) and we were on trial and error almost every week.  We broadcast from small studio in old Asahi Shimbun bldg..

In 1996, I was one of the guests for interview in his book “Expert in English” (featured photo) (in Japanese),  We talked about our experience some two decades before . I am amazed how young (naturally! I looked in the photo and how much fun we had together.  At the same time, what I discussed has not changed much since then (no progress in two decades, alas!)

We lost track of each other but I recall that several years ago, we re-connected.  I had looked for his email address, but in vain. Instead, I found the note, we exchanged several years ago, I believe.  Judging from his website and facebook posts, he is onto something new, which is great.

As March is the time for change and transition, quite a few people I know seem to have left their job and moved onto something new, including the front staff at my apartment complex.  In particular, I am grateful to Mr. A who worked there for 12 years  and had done many things for my Dad. (Whenever he came to my place for dinner on weekends, Mr. A took care of wheel chair etc. and he often asked about my Dad.)  I miss these people, but hope that their new journey will be a happy and relaxing one.