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This past week has been full of events-not all necessarily good, but some rather scary.  Last Sunday, I finally gave up to access our Peatix page dashboard after struggle for a few hours.  Naturally I did not sleep well that night as I was too concerned about what to do.  Monday morning, I asked my friend who helped me with similar issues before and after some trial and zoom meetings, we were able to access the peatix dashboard.  Ae some of you that may have suffered from the similar incident know, this type of struggle makes you exhausted, partly due to the long time it tends to take to reach the solution and also due to the frustration.

We finally managed to solve the issue and I was quite relieved.  The the following days were full of activities such as series of online meetings and visit for chiropractic treatment.  I was just getting into the daily task  of making comment on two news sites. It also require some thinking and writing. After I lost draft few times, I decided to write draft on my word file.  I was also requested to change the timing of my comment post.  These requests made my morning extremely busy and I sometimes found  myself so irritated.

Then the nightmare hit me.Tuesday night after midnight, I had severe stomacache and had fever.  I could not identify the cause of food poisoning (I assumed) and suffered throughout the night.  I was also worried that I may have been infected though I already had the first vaccine and must be more or less protected. Stomacache did not leave and Thursday came.  it was the day totally full of activities and  even the interview for the corporate document  was planned.

I managed to finish the meetings and interview and decided to explore the reason for my fever and upset stomach.  As I checked variety of medical website both  in Japanese and English, (English version tends to have much more information)

I concluded that it must have been heat stroke.  I jog at the park in the morning and bike around at the hottest time of the day.  As I find that heat stroke symptoms include cramps of various kinds-stomach, leg etc.  I felt quite convinced that must be the cause of my upset stomach.

This morning I felt OK (not 100 % yet) and managed to do daily workout, Bokken exercise etc. I am still a bit tired, but it may be just due to the hot/humid weather which hit us this week.

This weekend is relatively slow and I plan to take some time off from “Too long list of daily activities.!”