I have Apple Watch and wear it all the time except when I sleep. (I saw that  your sleep can be tracked if you keep on wearing it while you sleep, but I do not want to do that!).  I am learning what my Apple Watch can do, but still now quite familiar with all that mine can do. What I watch is to make sure I complete the ring which lists my activity, exercise and the time I stand.  I complete the ring every day and if I do not by 10 pm or so, I do walk around etc. to make sure.

One thing I have not figured out is how my Apple watch counts the number of floors I walk up. As I find my walking slowing down a bit lately, and believe my thigh muscles need to be strengthened,   I walk ip the stairs at my apartment complex without taking elevator. Whenever I am out, I do not use stairs.  And yet, the floors according to my Apple watch do not track my stairs activities, it seems. I need to figure out how my watch counts.

Yesterday, I finally figured out how to set the alarm on my apple watch (I set up sleeping time on my iPhone and assume that it is synchronized with Apple Watch if I change from my regular wake up time. But my apple watch kept ringing at the regular wake up time, and not the one I revised.  I now figured how to change it on my apple watch.

There are so many things I can figure out to make the best of what I have.  (I have Google Nest Hub and understand  that it can display Netflix.  I tried several things. when I received it a while ago, but  but have not quite figured out how to set up my Podcast etc.)  Devices are great only if you know ins and out of how to use them for you!