Established in 1983, Dutch electronics company Trust are well known for producing low-cost, reliable PC peripherals focusing on value for money, but more recently have turned their attention to gaming products and trying to balance budget consciousness with high-end features.

The mouse is especially important, as it is a PC gamer’s window into the virtual world, and it can have a serious impact on how a game feels and how well we play. Some can even give you a competitive edge by making it easier to aim or looking around.

The Trust GXT 960 Graphin shows you don’t need to spend silly money on your gaming gear to level up your experience.

The RGB lighting is customisable and glows underneath the shell

The first thing you’ll notice about the Graphin is the unique honeycomb design which helps you grip the mouse, and the cut-out construction helps reduce the weight.

It sports a smooth, matte black honeycomb shell with a glowing LED block underneath allowing you to customise its look, including a very cool looking rainbow effect. I’m not usually a fan of LED lights all over my tech but the Graphin is certainly eye-catching.

The size of the mouse is a little small for larger hands and it would definitely benefit from a more ergonomic shape. The holes can become uncomfortable after long term use or if when stressed, especially if being killed often in-game leads you to put more pressure on the mouse.

There are six buttons on a standard layout which is nothing groundbreaking but still a solid dependable design.

The two large left and right mouse buttons feel very clicky but also a little too delicate given how often they will be used.

Its nicely textured scroll wheel has a satisfying grip to it and there are two small left side thumb buttons that you can customise to use as shortcuts in your games, which is especially useful in competitive gaming.

With a height of 40mm, a width of 63mm and a depth of 126mm the Graphin has a standard mouse shape and is shockingly light at only 74 grams.

However, If you have large hands a more ergonomic design would be more comfortable for extended use.

It’s simple to set up and use connecting via a USB-A braided cable, which is really long at 180cm. Thanks to the cable, there are no latency or battery issues to worry about and you can just plug and play.

The Graphin is nimble with a DPI from 200 to a maximum of 10000 making it more than sensitive enough for most gamers. It can be changed quickly on the fly with a DPI adjustment button located just behind the scroll wheel.

The Trust management software allows you to set up to 6 customisable pre-sets

A higher DPI means your targeting crosshairs will basically travel across the screen faster, which is useful for games like first-person shooters or if you are working across multiple high-resolution screens.

It also features an adjustable polling rate of up to 1000Hz. The polling rate refers to how many times your mouse reports its position to your computer, which also helps greatly with speed and accuracy.

You can further customise the mouse by downloading the Trust management software available from the Trust website.

The software is easy to use and offers detailed customisation for the RGB lighting as well as button and sensitivity configuration.

At around £35 the price is very reasonable making this a great mouse for casual gamers, anyone on a budget or for kids.


The Trust GXT 960 Graphin is responsive with an eye-catching design while being easy to use and customise. It offers great value for money, but its weight makes it feel fragile. While it’s not uncomfortable, it’s certainly not the most satisfying feeling mouse I’ve used.

Still, the Graphin is surprisingly responsive and great for gaming on the go due to its light weight, size and how inexpensive it is, making it easy to throw in my laptop bag and forget about.

The Trust GXT 960 Graphin Gaming Mouse is available from Amazon for £34.72