It seems that people are getting back to pre-pandemic practices to some extent.  I believe trains are quite crowded during rush hour and companies seem to have begun meetings at their offices.  It remains to be seen whether without vaccine, we are able to keep infections relative low in the near future.

What we see in Osaka and other places seem to indicate that once we lift strict restrictions, the number of infections rise.  In a way, what is taking place in the US where ratio of vaccination is so high by now, is quite frightening.  I understand those young people who are not vaccinated AND getting together physically for sports events etc. (i.e. behaving as if Covid-19 is over) are the one who are infected, and some quite seriously.

It could easily be a turning point in Japan, as the new year started in April, and the weather is quite nice.  I see so many more people (including myself) enjoy the sun and fresh air.  The concern is that the ratio of those vaccinated in Japan is still some 1 % or so.   I suppose it is up to us how we protect ourselves without vaccine!