Twitter now supports multiple 2FA security keys on mobile and web

Twitter has added support for multiple security keys to accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled for logging into the social network’s web interface and mobile apps.

“Secure your account (and that alt) with multiple security keys,” Twitter said. “Now you can enroll and log in with more than one physical key on both mobile and web.”

The company also announced a future option for 2FA-enabled accounts to use security keys as the primary authentication method while having all other login methods disabled.

“And coming soon: the option to add and use security keys as your only authentication method, without any other methods turned on,” Twitter added.

Twitter has added support for using security keys when logging into mobile apps (Android and iOS) for 2FA-enabled accounts in December 2020.

2FA is an additional security layer for Twitter accounts that requires users to use a security key or enter a code on top of only entering a password to authenticate successfully.

This makes sure that only the owner can log in and block malicious attempts to take over the account by guessing or resetting the password.

While some high-profile Twitter accounts were hijacked last year even though they had 2FA enabled after attackers could gain access to internal admin systems, users should still toggle 2FA to be better protected against less-sophisticated hacking attempts.

To turn on 2FA on your Twitter account, you will have to go to your profile menu into Settings and Privacy, then to Security and account access (desktop) or Account > Security (iOS) and toggle on Two-factor authentication.

Over the weekend, Twitter addressed a bug causing users to become temporarily suspended when tweeting the word ‘Memphis.’