Time is very fair as it is given equally to everybody.  Once time passes, it does not come back.  Future is something we have no idea about, no matter how hard we try to plan.

As I think of these characteristics of time, I  am, reminded two things.  Both of them are related to time-one about the past, and the other about the future.  Both can consume energy, but I come to think it is essentially waste of energy (and time, no pun!)

If your action in the past cannot be recovered, there is no point of feeling bad about it and being consumed with the feeling of guilt or remorse.  It is done and we need to move on, and yet many times people (including myself once in a while) are filled with the feeling of remorse and have a hard time getting rid of it.  It is one thing to try to learn from the experience so that we do not make the same mistake. but I think feeling so bad about it for long time does more harm than good.

As for the future, many of us worry about what happens in the future.  We do not like uncertainties. iEven though we do simulation,, scenario planning, etc.  there is so much we can prepare for the future.  If  we become consumed with the worries about the future, I think it also does more harm.

So my  tentative conclusion now is “Regret for the past action and/or worry about the future is waste of energy and time, we should avoid.”  I try not to waste energy doing either one of the two, i.e. focus on now. Let us LIVE!