Several regions in Japan, notably, Osaka and increasingly Tokyo, are now under new semi=emergency status.(I do not quite understand how to differentiate, in particular, as I see so many people are out enjoying the nice weather.)  As the status continue for a month, Golden Week holidays will be different from regular years when people tend to travel.  I suppose that we will have same holidays (off days) as in regular year, and thus we have time to ourselves, but with restrictions regarding movement. (Featured photo from nearby park today. Where is Covid?)

With vaccines so slow and quite disorganized (as I hear from those who receive the notice), majority of us will NOT be able to overseas as we are not vaccinated.  In a way, I think it is a great opportunity to test our own lifestyle.  We can start the experiment as to how we design our free time.

As innovation usually is generated when we are faced with many restrictions and difficulties, it will be a great opportunity that we can develop crazy new ideas!  Rather than feeling sorry for our limitations of movement, we can go for something we always wanted to try.  Time for fantasizing and trying wild ideas people will smile as they cannot believe it!