We finally finished the video interview of GAS Talk #16 English version last night.  We tried the interview over 2 weeks ago and I tried to edit it to less than 15 minutes (time limit) after quite a bit of struggle.  However the edit did not meet with the guest’s requests.  I figured that it would be impossible for me (with my editing skill) to meet with her requirement. So I gave up to fix it and decided to kill it.  Instead I asked for the re-take and here it is.

Good lesson I learned from this experience is that it is better to give up and do it again if it is possible.  It is particularly true when too many things do not go as planned.  Forget the enormous time and energy you spent and press on-that was my take away.  I appreciate the time and energy that Saki san spent for this.  Here is the video.  Enjoy.