Last Sunday, May 9, we hosted SINCA online Debate session.  The topics we debated are 1. Should we promote side job/double job?  2. Should we adopt 4-work day week?

We hosted pre-debate session a week earlier, May 2 (my blog entry w video here), as we found that only few people have had some experience of debate.

We were able to recruit two teams each for the two topics above and proceeded as planned.  3 our of 4 teams prepared slides to give the initial remarks so we used these slides rather than explanation (which tends to take too long).  Looking at these slides give you the reasons each of the four teams presented at their initial remarks.

After the initial remarks from both sides, we had discussion and rebuttal between two teams for each of the two topics.  `Part of the discussion is captured in video to give a sense of how the debate proceeded. Due to the time limit of the video, some parts of remarks are edited out, which may make it look a bit strange. (We ask for your understanding, as editing takes long time and quite tough)

Each round finished with summary speech from both sided.  After two rounds of debate, we asked observers for their impression and comments, some of which I found very helpful.

As in other practice, I think you learn most when you actually participate in the debate as team member. I hope we will offer more opportunities for many more people to practice debate themselves.   Here is the video (some 15 minutes). Enjoy!

Our next session of SINCA is on May 30, and the topic is Space.  We will have people from Sydney, Australia join us.  It will be very exciting!  Here is my blog entry for the next session.  So please register.