We hosted Debate pre session on Sunday, May 2 as SINCA online.  It was scheduled to give some information on Debate to those who have little experience of Debate.  (We will have full debate session on Sunday, May 9 and thus we thought the pre session might be of help for preparation.)

I prepared 12- min. video using main slides I showed on May 2 with explanation, followed by the questions raised at the session.  We thought this approach would be better to edit the video we taped during the session.  With considerable time and effort, I managed to prepare the video and sent it to those who participated/registered for either May 2 or May 9 session. (We have informed the topic and team assignment for May 9 session to those who registered yesterday and they are now preparing. for the session on Sunday, May 9).

I thought this video might be of help to those who are interested in debate, regardless of their participation/registration for the SINCA sessions.  So here is the video  I strongly encourage that you use debate approach to many topics you have, whether you actually have debating session or not.  It is a great way to develop logical thinking, public speaking and ability to think on the spot.  Enjoy the video!