Following up my blog entry with Video Part 1 of SINCA session with students on Valentine’s Day, video part 2 is now ready.

It starts with the comment from the business person who shared his idea of what he would do if he were high school student now.  I shared my view of the opportunity almost open to us (in particular, young generation with the whole life ahead of them) to change even after we make a choice.  (It was a bit too much lecture! on my part)  More comments were made about Olympics and lack of transparency in many things in Japan etc.  I tried to include some photo etc. on the topic that was discussed. (I did not try to have variety of screen shots while we were discussing- next time I will try.)

The video is about 13 minutes, so take a look. We are now working on date and topic of our next session.  We would like to involved students again if we can.  Here is the video.