Microsoft earlier this month announced Microsoft Viva, a new integrated Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights inand delivers them via Microsoft Teams. There are four modules: Viva Topics, Viva Insights, Viva Learning, and Viva Connections. While every organization may not use all four modules, or every aspect of each module, Microsoft Viva includes something for every organization.

I’m excited about all the aspects of Microsoft Viva. I love how the modules are integrated, secure, people-centric, and designed to be delivered in Microsoft Teams. One of the best parts is that the branding and classification of Viva as an EXP facilitates a conversation between IT, HR, and Communications. It helps each of these departments think more holistically about the value they can bring together — and moves the intranet conversation to focus on employee experience more comprehensively.

Many organizations have done so for years, but I’ve seen way too many where this conversation doesn’t happen — mainly because different departments still work in silos and aren’t focused on the holistic employee digital experience. This is a huge value proposition for Microsoft Viva because it concretely demonstrates the value of “better together” inside every organization — not just with Microsoft technology. Each element alone is great, and together, they’re even better.

Here, I want to focus on why your intranet, if it could have a voice, wants to leverage the capabilities in Viva Connections.

Getting ready for Viva Connections

One of the reasons many intranet projects fail is that organizations place too much emphasis on communications and not enough on work integration. Great intranets are not about building websites that mimic the organization chart (who we are and what we do) and delivering news. A great intranet is about creating experiences and services that help everyone in the organization do their job.

Since the services that are needed by different types of people in an organization may differ, the best intranets deliver both services and news targeted to each type of service consumer – based on our role, our geography, our work group, or our interests. Is Viva Connections going to magically do that for you? Unfortunately, no. But you can make it work for you if you get ready by doing the following:

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