This morning I had every intention to revise the reference of my long paper I had worked, and to  complete the slides that I plan to use on Monday for the seminar.   I felt I was on track as I realized that the reference which I  had been very worried (it has been hanging over me for some time) could be fixed if I spend a few hours solid. I was feeling better about it and thought I could get out of semi depressed mode.

Then it hit me.  My Mac Book seemed to been transformed, The screen looked very different (which did not surprise me, as it often happens with new version).  What shocked me was that I could not access any file nor any browser or application etc.   What I did last night was to update OS for my MacBook Air.   It took a long time, but I had thought I  finally made it happen late last night.

When I could not even print out document I downloaded on my printer, I knew something was wrong.  I assumed, however, it was due to the new OS and I was not too worried.

When I found out I could not access any file or browser, I almost died! When I touched the icon at the bottom of my Mac Book, it disappeared and I could not get it back. I got very scared because I have slide file I needed ro complete and send it for the upcoming seminar.

So I went to Apple Store right after I finished my other task.  I had to wait for an hour and a half as I did not have an appointment and the place was quite busy. When they finally called me, I was all ready.  It did not take too long for the technical staff at Apple store to reset it.  It was such a relief!  He suggested to make backup file and I followed his advice.

It was a scary day and I felt I may have lost few years of my life.

It iw not working and I complete my slide file.  Revising the reference may have to wait until tomorrow. I am so glad my Mac is back in motion!