As I listen to variety of podcast in English and skim news on social media,  almost every single one deals with what happened at Capitol Hill and how to move forward.  I see different remarks such as  “This is the worst day of in the US,” “This is not something we had not thought would happen, and thus I am not surprised.”  What  impresses me is that many different views are expressed.  What I do NOT see is that there has been no statement or view expressed by the leaders of our country.  Other leaders including Boris Johnson of the UK and Angela Merkel of Germany make remarks on how they see the violence at Capitol Hill yesterday.  Leader of Iran and of China also make some remarks.

As long as you follow the media in English,  Japan does NOT exist.  All we hear in Japan is the emergency status declared. I realize Tokyo and the neighboring area is at the turning point for Covid-19, but what we see  at Capitol Hill  threatens our fundamental beliefs about election, democracy etc.

I am very much bothered by the absence of “voice” and indifference to what is happening in other parts of the wold now apparent among the leaders of Japan.  I have been concerned about how Japan seems to be detached from the rest of the world in the past few years, and this incident just confirmed my concern.  In addition, if the leaders of the country has little interest in what is taking place in the other parts of the world, no wonder younger generation has no interest (which has been my concern, as they are the generation that shapes the future.  I believe that young generation reflects what the leaders say or do.  If we say that the young generation is not global or not interested in issues found in other parts of the world, that is the reflection of OUR behavior.